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With so much conflicting information online, knowing how to prepare your child for their 11+ exams isn't easy. 

However, based on our experience working with 75,000 pupils and 1,200 schools,

Helping 91% of pupils to achieve offers from their first-choice target school...

We've put together this free 11+ course covering:

✅ Exam Techniques to boost scores quickly

✅ Tricky 11+ topics where pupils often lose marks

✅ Top tips for all 11+ subjects (Maths, English, VR and NVR)

Applicable to all grammar and independent schools, including all key exam boards such as GL, ISEB, CSSE and more.

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What's included?

Applying for 11+ entry to a grammar school? Atom's free 11+ course is here to help your child learn tricky topics, refine exam techniques, and feel confident for the big day.

You'll get a new lesson delivered straight to your inbox every 3 days. Each lesson comes with a downloadable practice paper to put your child's new skills to the test!

  • Lesson 1: creative writing and comprehension (English)
  • Lesson 2: maths
  • Lesson 3: verbal reasoning
  • Lesson 4: non-verbal reasoning 
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