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Is your child taking a CAT4 test? Atom's free CAT4 course is here to help them feel confident! Your child will learn tricky topics, refine exam skills, and practise CAT4-style questions. 

Every 3 days, we'll send you part of a full CAT4 practice paper. You'll also get a video lesson to help your child learn about the topics.

  • Lesson 1: CAT4 Part 1 – non-verbal reasoning
  • Lesson 2: CAT4 Part 2 – verbal and quantitative reasoning
  • Lesson 3: CAT4 Part 3 – quantitative and spatial reasoning

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Wish you could give your child a roadmap to success in the CAT4? You can. Atom Home has everything you need to get prepared, in one package.

  • Online and printable CAT4 practice papers
  • 90,000+ adaptive questions in English, maths and reasoning
  • 500+ hours of on-demand video lessons
  • Automatic marking and instant progress data
A screenshot of the student dashboard on Atom Nucleus, showing English, verbal reasoning, maths, non-verbal reasoning, and science learning journeys