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Free creative writing course


Are you looking to improve your child's writing skills? Atom's free creative writing course is here to help! We'll introduce your child to different genres and show them how to write effectively for an audience.

What's on the course?

This course has 4 lessons. Every 3 days, we'll send a new lesson to your email inbox.

Each lesson includes a video class taught by our experienced teachers, plus downloadable activities to continue your child's creative writing practice at home.

  • Lesson 1: Persuasive writing. With an English glossary and vocabulary lists for Years 3–6
  • Lesson 2: Poetry. With free writing ideas and prompts
  • Lesson 3: Outstanding openings. With comprehension and creative writing activities for Years 3–6
  • Lesson 4: Classic fiction. With an 11+ creative writing practice paper

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Tailored learning for ages 7–11

Wish you could give your child a roadmap to success at school and in exams? You can. Atom Home has everything you need in one package.

  • Online and printable 11+ practice papers 
  • 90,000+ adaptive questions in English, maths and reasoning
  • 500+ hours of on-demand video lessons
  • Automatic marking and instant progress data
A screenshot of the student dashboard on Atom Nucleus, showing English, verbal reasoning, maths, non-verbal reasoning, and science learning journeys