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The Kent Test (11+)

The Kent Test (11+)

Applying for 11+ entry to a Kent grammar school this year? Atom's free online Kent Test course is here to help your child learn tricky topics and feel confident for their exam in September 2024.

This course consists of three pre-recorded video lessons delivered directly to your inbox each week. With each subject lesson, you'll get a downloadable practice paper so your child can put their knowledge to the test. 

  • Week 1: Kent Test Paper 1 (English and maths)
  • Week 2: Kent Test Paper 2 (verbal, non-verbal and spatial reasoning)
  • Week 3: creative writing
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Kent Test Week 1
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Wish you could give your child a roadmap to success in the Kent Test? You can. Atom Home has everything you need to get prepared, in one package.

  • Online and printable Kent Test practice papers
  • 90,000+ adaptive questions
  • 500+ hours of on-demand video lessons
  • Automatic marking and instant progress data
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