Atom Tuition

Why should I get an Atom tutor if I’m already using Atom Home?

Your child's Atom Home subscription provides them with all of the learning resources they could possibly need for general learning or exam preparation. There are over 90,000 questions on Atom Home covering English, maths, science VR and NVR, in addition to mock tests that have been expertly designed to mirror the design and content of the real 11+ exams.

In addition to working independently on Atom Home, some children respond well to having an outside motivator, which is where a private tutor can help. Meeting with a tutor regularly gives your child someone to be accountable to for their learning. They will also act as a role model for your child, providing the support and encouragement that your child needs to develop into the best version of themselves.

If your child is finding a particular subject challenging, they may benefit from some extra support. A private tutor will help to fill in any gaps in your child’s learning, which will help to build your child’s confidence, so they feel more comfortable in the classroom.

To find out how we can support your child with their learning goals please book a call with one of our experts.